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the entrereneur's catalyst

WhY us?

Humankind has entered a new phase of existence. Conventional systems have been challenged or broken to make way for individual ingenuity… a global force never more alive and inspired.

We seek with urgency, solution-based innovations on a mission to resolve fundamental global crises currently challenging humankind. whY? Food, shelter, health… our 3 primary needs are becoming harder to grasp all over the world. We believe big thinkers with great ideas, from anywhere on the planet, can help solve these critical problems. The time is now!

We are the entrepreneur’s catalyst and have been catalysing seed-to-success stories since starting our journey in 2014.

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2014: Launched Start Mesh – went through three iterations (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0).

2018: Rebranded Start Mesh to Cataliize.

2020: Global pandemic – Cataliize 2.0. During the last 18 months we transformed our business model to adapt to this new environment and grew our business six fold.

2021: founded CATALLYZE – A new company, recognising the need to transform from pre-pandemic ways to meet the ever changing and accelerated adjustments required in the corporate world.  Acknowledging a rise of entrepreneur movement as a critical accelerator of change. Catallyze has since progressed to become a global movement catalyst to help solve important global problems.